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Demond Logan is a public speaker and Mindset Development Strategist.  Demond helps individuals fine tune their perspective and build personal tools to conquer life challenges with reverse engineering.  


Before starting a Mindset Development Consulting and Public Speaking business, Demond Logan was an Entrepreneur and Operational Infrastructure Consultant for several years.  


During this time Demond was very successful at restructuring and streamlining small businesses and start up organizations,  helping the owners increase capital gains and improve employee satisfaction.  


Demond Logan also advised on how to  overcome the challenges  business owners face, with life-work balance and the interconnectivity between the two.  


In addition to his success in  private business, Demond Logan has branched out into the community by crafting transformative workshops and giving captivating real-world speeches. His  content caters to a wide range  of age groups and professions in need of a way to change wants into dos.