public speaking

Keynote Speeches: 45 – 75 mins


Demond Logan's customized keynote speeches are powerful transformative speeches customizable for all age groups and industry professions.  

Areas Of Specialization:

Although Demond Logan is one of the most broad ranging speakers to emerge today, his primary focal points are in the areas of;

Personal Development

At Risk Youth

The Mental Barriers Of Athletic Performance

Corporate Structuring & Administrations.  

The Process:

Grasp the general conceptualization of the event

Identify Target audience

Analyze desired projected outcomes

Coordinate an ideal location

Date & Time Setting

These details are essential parts of his booking process. 


Following a preparatory analysis, he will then select from his plethora of workshop tools, to orchestrate the very experience, that will set those engaged, upon the road of greater successes.  


"Results are my #1 priority"

                 Demond Logan...