To sum up Demond Logan's tireless pursuit to mindset  developmental strategies,  and the impact his mentorship has made upon myself and other colleagues, only one word comes to mind: Invaluable. 

During my tenor under his direction, I learned the importance of establishing an exciting, well-balanced work culture while leading a sales team of highly motivated individuals. And with his techniques and tutelage, not only did I experience a difference in my professional life, but also my personal life as well.  

He taught me how to win friends and influence people; how to properly align and  prioritize my goals and aspirations; and also, how to find the best in any situation, viewing it as an opportunity to learn, improve, and expand. 

In essence, given the indelible lessons I learned while in his company, it's as I stated before--and will continue to state whenever I share my success--only one word equates to Demond's techniques, practices, and overall vision: Invaluable. 



Definitely! Demond Logan provides great realistic advice and mindset techniques which produce  great results when implemented



Well where do I begin?? Demond is such an incredible person! He has truly taught me to always go for my goals no matter what! There have been some extremely tough times I've gone through in my life, and I am beyond thankful for all of his wisdom, knowledge and most importantly selflessness. He continues to teach me not only with his words, but with his actions. Demond is a perfect example that no matter what obstacles you may face in life, with true dedication, drive and a positive mindset, you can do anything! 



For me, the reminder that theres another way to think about or view a situation has made the biggest impact. Demond Logan has a knack for making things seamless, easy to understand, possible to execute. He takes the time to listen and understand, then he provides the simplest solution. The fact that he listens to you makes the advice he gives all the more helpful bc it works.



Demond Logan has always been a consistent person. When he decides to do something he does it, including being a true friend, motivator, and inspiration. His mindset has helped me focus my priorities with goal setting, fitness/health, and being consistent with whatever it is that helps you accomplish your goals.



This is from the heart.

After speaking with Demond Logan about my ambitions and goals with the MOW.  He helped me develop a strategy to reach my goals.  The conversation gave me the extra motivation to push hard towards my goals.  It also made me feel like I have people who care about my goals and personal development.  Since our conversation I have been posting more strategically.  It's a necessary accountability I need to reach this goal.


Thanks Demond Logan


Demond Logan is an excellent and understanding listener. He is the guy that I turn to when frankly I feel like I need a different perspective or mentality shift. His work ethic and goals drive him to be better but he always makes time to keep me accountable and on the right path as-well. I value his opinion greatly. 


Rich Welch

Demond Logan continuously reshapes my thought process and gives me hope. With his positive reinforcement and in-depth configuration of goal setting, I have more confidence in myself to overcome struggles that have held me back from being my best version of myself. He has helped me identify the tools to recognize my accomplishments no matter how small and apply my existing skills to each step. Too often I’m focused on the bigger picture and although that’s important, I am reminded that understanding the small steps make it a lot easier to reach the bigger picture. He will pleasantly surprise you with the understanding that not everything new, requires a new skill, for the most part we all have what it takes within our skill set already, it’s just a shift in thinking that’s needed. I am forever grateful for Demond’s kind words, patience and guidance.